A voice coder configured to resolve periodic and aperiodic components of spectra is disclosed. The method of voice coding includes parsing the speech signal into a plurality of speech frames; for each of the plurality of speech frames: (a) generating the spectra for the speech frame, (b) parsing the spectra of the speech frame into a plurality of sub-bands, (c) transforming each of the plurality of sub-bands into a time-domain envelope signal, and (d) generating a plurality of sub-band voicing factors, wherein each sub-band voicing factor indicates the harmonicity of one of the plurality of sub-bands, and each sub-band voicing factor is based on the periodicity of one of said time-domain envelope signals associated with one of the plurality of sub-bands. The voice coder may regenerate the speech signal by generating a plurality of recomposed frames, each recomposed frame being based on: (a) the spectra for one of said plurality of speech frames, and (b) the sub-band voicing factors associated with the plurality of sub-bands for one of said plurality of speech frames; and then generating a recomposed speech signal from the plurality of recomposed frames.


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