One-shot Voice Conversion using Variational Autoencoders

This blog post presents a one-shot voice conversion technique, in which a variational autoencoder (VAE) is used to disentangle speech factors. We show that VAEs are able to disentangle the speaker identity and linguistic content from speech acoustic features. Modification of these factors allow transformation of voice. We show that the...

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Voice Approximation for Inter-Gender Voice Personalization

One of the key technologies at ObEN is the personalization of voice identity, consisting of a transformation of an input voice (e.g., from a Text-To-Speech system) to render it perceptually similar to a target one (e.g., a celebrity, or a user’s voice). Although some existing technologies, known as Voice Conversion and based on a statistical...

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ObEN is an artificial intelligence company that is building a decentralized AI platform for Personal AI (PAI), intelligent 3D avatars that look, sound, and behave like the individual user. Deployed on the Project PAI blockchain, ObEN’s technology enables users to create, use, and manage their own PAI on a secure, decentralized platform - enabling never before possible social and virtual interactions. Founded in 2014, ObEN is a K11, Tencent, Softbank Ventures Korea and HTC Vive X portfolio company and is located at Idealab in Pasadena, California.

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