ObEN and Yoshimoto Kogyo Collaborate to Revolutionize AI Avatar Entertainment and Digital Experiences

Leading AI company and Japanese entertainment conglomerate join forces to bring intelligent avatar experiences to Japan and beyond

Pasadena, California Feb 26, 2020 – ObEN, the artificial intelligence (AI) company creating Personal AI (PAI) technology to revolutionize digital interactions, and Yoshimoto Kogyo, major Japanese entertainment conglomerate, today announced they are partnering to bring AI-powered Avatar technology to the Japanese market. The new collaboration, combines the entertainment and celebrity IP of Yoshimoto with the cutting edge image, voice, and animation avatar technology created by ObEN to revolutionize communication and interaction in the digital and virtual space for celebrities and fans alike.

ObEN is a world leader in customized, intelligent digital humans. Using a small sample of speech and image data, ObEN can create a digital likeness of anyone in the world, capable of speaking in their voice in any language. These digital personas are called Personal AIs, or PAIs for short. ObEN’s Personal AI technology has been used in projects for investors and clients including SoftBank, China Central Television (CCTV), and NBA stars.

PAIs can be utilized in smartphone apps, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). It can also provide a customized experience for users in gaming and social networking. For celebrities, including Yoshimoto vast roster of talent and IP, PAIs can also be created as a representative for an artist or product brand, where they can help them expand to markets around the world. ObEN’s technology automatically generates the appearance, voice, and animation of PAIs for rapid content creation. Furthermore, PAIs can speak languages other than the user’s native language using voice conversion technology. For security, blockchain technology will be used to protect the personal information and copyrights of users, clients, and partners.

With this collaboration, Yoshimoto will enhance ObEN’s AI avatar production with the IP of Yoshimoto’s talent, and manage and operate the AI avatar’s IP for the Japanese market. Yoshimoto and ObEN are currently working on a prototype 3D avatar, based on Yoshimoto’s Japanese talent IP, which will premiere in April 2020.


About ObEN

ObEN is an artificial intelligence (AI) company developing Personal AI technology that revolutionizes how we interact in the virtual and digital space. The company’s technology allows users to create intelligent 3D avatars, known as PAIs, that look, sound, and behave like them. Deployed on the Project PAI blockchain, ObEN’s Personal AI (PAI) technology enables users to create, use, and manage their own PAI on a secure, decentralized platform. PAIs can be deployed in mobile apps, AR, VR, and a variety of other digital mediums to provide an ultra-personalized experience in gaming, social media, entertainment, and more. PAIs have been used in projects and collaborations that have reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Founded in 2014, ObEN is a Tencent and Softbank Ventures portfolio company and is located in Pasadena, California. To learn more about ObEN, please visit oben.com.


About Yoshimoto Kogyo

Yoshimoto is Japan’s major entertainment conglomerate, managing over 6000 talent including comedians, actors and actresses, athletes, etc, planning, production and sales of over 5000 TV shows as well as radio, video, and commercials, management of 14 theatres, event business, advertising business, real estate business, show business, operation of vocational schools including talent training schools, and development and management of other commercial facilities.

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ObEN is an artificial intelligence company that is building a decentralized AI platform for Personal AI (PAI), intelligent 3D avatars that look, sound, and behave like the individual user. Deployed on the Project PAI blockchain, ObEN’s technology enables users to create, use, and manage their own PAI on a secure, decentralized platform - enabling never before possible social and virtual interactions. Founded in 2014, ObEN is a K11, Tencent, Softbank Ventures Korea and HTC Vive X portfolio company and is located at Idealab in Pasadena, California.