Most of us can agree that social media has created a means of keeping us better connected to one another than ever before. It’s considered one of the greatest developments of human history, linking people and communities like never before, regardless of proximity. Companies use it as a way to communicate with their customers to get a better feel of what they want. It has transformed how we keep in contact with loved ones and acquaintances alike. Simply add them on any social network and just like that you will forever have a way of keeping in touch. It used to be that people would slowly grow apart as a likely outcome of moving on in life. However, we can convincingly say this is no longer the case. Since the development of so many social network platforms, we’ve never been more ‘in the loop’ than we are today.

Yet Studies have suggestedsocial-media-488886_960_720 that in this hyper-connected world, we’ve never felt more detached or lonely. Back in the day, to remain in contact with someone you would either have to get their full name and address, write them a letter, find your nearest post office and wait for a reply, or hunt down your phone book, find their number and give them a ring. Writing someone a letter truly meant you were intent on keeping a relationship with them. Calling was usually left for close connections like friends and family. Nowadays you can add just about anyone as a ‘friend’ on Facebook and simply send them a message, or you can get your smartphone out and call them. How great is that? The only downside to this: time zones. As the option for us to live in different countries and continents becomes easier, finding the right time to ‘talk’ to friends and family becomes increasingly difficult. At ObEN this affects us all. As an extremely diverse team from around the world, finding ways to humanize and improve social media is extremely important to us.

4639772572_7396e02019Here at ObEN we believe we can help reconnect people with our voice technology. Our voice projects to the world who we are. It’s what makes us unique, and is a way for people to recognize us without seeing us. In a way, it’s like having a second fingerprint. We’ve created a sophisticated voice conversion technology that captures your unique voice print in a matter of minutes, and allows us to speak or sing in any voice, in any language. Are you amongst the many of us who spends time reading through old messages? Imagine if instead of reading them, you could hear them read to you in the voice of the person. I’m not talking about old recorded messages; I’m talking about written messages. How cool would that be? With ObEN’s voice technology, we can bring back the power of your voice and all the emotion and meaning that it carries.

About the author: Georgina Bunn is a Corporate Communications Associate at ObEN.


ObEN's proprietary artificial intelligence technology quickly combines a person's 2D image and voice to create a personal 3D avatar. Transport your personal avatar into virtual reality and augmented reality environments and enjoy deeper, social, more memorable experiences. Founded in 2014, ObEN is an HTC VIVE X portfolio company and is located in Pasadena, California at leading technology incubator Idealab.