Are you the engineer who wants to be part of disruptive innovation in today’s technology-driven market? Then join our team. ObEN is the leader and truly disrupting Artificial Intelligence by humanizing and transporting your virtual self into any Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality environment ($150B industry by 2020). ObEN is an HTC VIVE X portfolio company and also part of world leading technology incubator Idealab. Come see what it’s like to take on extraordinary transformations every day, in an environment buzzing with smart people who understand and respect what you do.

We are looking for to add a Text Processing Engineer to our development team, who will develop and maintain the text processing components of our state-of-the-art text-to-speech engines in multiple languages including but not limited to Korean, Chinese and Japanese.


  • Building, testing, and tuning syntactic-morphological parsers, normalization, pronunciation, and/or other text processing components
  • Integrating new development tools, version control, and documenting the process
  • Assisting in the execution of quality evaluations


  • PhD or Masters in Computational Linguistics or Computer Science with specialization in natural language processing
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python
  • Native or near-native proficiency in reading and speaking Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, or Korean
  • Good communication skills in English
  • Expertise in additional languages (e.g. Spanish) is a plus

Application Requirements

Please send the following to careers@oben.com

  • Detailed resume and/or LinkedIn profile
  • Links to any research / papers you have been an instrumental part of and are proud of
  • Cover Letter identifying your five favorite apps on your phone
  • Any code you are proud of and is public
  • Name of instructor / adviser, if any along with link to their profile
  • Introduction to ObEN: https://goo.gl/gxpxwT

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ObEN's proprietary artificial intelligence technology quickly combines a person's 2D image and voice to create a personal 3D avatar. Transport your personal avatar into virtual reality and augmented reality environments and enjoy deeper, social, more memorable experiences. Founded in 2014, ObEN is an HTC VIVE X portfolio company and is located in Pasadena, California at leading technology incubator Idealab.