ObEN将微信接入HTC Vive,实现虚拟社交

2017年4月27日举办的第四届虚拟现实风投联盟(VRVCA)大会上,ObEN演示了世界首个接入微信的虚拟现实社交体验。 ...


心得回顾: HTC VIVE X 创速项目

2016年7月, HTC Vive宣布了第一批入选Vive X加速器项目的创业公司名单。Vive...


ObEN at CES 2017

Team ObEN attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas. If you tuned into the buzz around CES this year – both leading up to the...


ObEN Gives AI Assistants a Human Face

What if AI assistants like Siri, Cortana, or Alexa had a human face? What would they look like? In an episode from The Big Bang Theory, Rajesh...


Meet ObEN at Interspeech 2016

Ever dreamed of being a rock star, or becoming the voice of your smart device? Well now you can, using ObEN’s speech-to-singing and text-to-speech...


HTC’s Vive X Invests in ObEN

ObEN, an artificial intelligence (AI) innovator focused on voice and speech, has been selected by HTC’s Vive X Accelerator Program as part of its...


Virtual Superstar Hatsune Miku Redefines Music

The lights dim and the crowd, silhouetted by a multicolored sea of glow sticks, explodes in applause. Japanese popstar Hatsune Miku beams onto stage....


Your Voice is the Greatest Instrument

Why do we enjoy music so much? Why do we enjoy singing? Does it boil down to science? Is it because we create memories through it? Even though we...


Google’s DeepMind and ObEN Use Similar A.I.

Games throughout the years have been a great means of testing whether or not a computer system is capable of performing a task as well as a human...


ObEN Brings Back the Power of Voice

Most of us can agree that social media has created a means of keeping us better connected to one another than ever before. It’s considered one of...


Hatsune Miku The Full-Fledged Vocaloid Celebrity

It seems as though Vocaloids might become the next Big Thing in the music industry; at least this is the case in Japan. For those of you who have...


ObEN的专利人工智能技术能够迅速将一个人的平面图像和声音结合起来,创造全息的个人虚拟形象。将你的虚拟形象复制到任何虚拟现实或者增强现实的情境中,享受更深刻,记忆更持久的社交体验。创始于2014年,ObEN是HTC旗下VIVE X速创项目计划中的公司之一,目前在加州帕萨迪纳的领先科技孵化器创意工作室内办公。

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